The Wellbeing Gallery is an artist led pop-up art gallery within the Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre. Our main objectives are to offer support and opportunities for under-represented artists and to communicate to our patients through the arts that self-reflection and understanding personal narrative are at the heart of wellbeing and good health.

We have planned a calendar of events to include 5 exhibitions and participation in the Brighton Artists Open Houses in May this year.

The Wellbeing Gallery is part of HERA, a group of artists, filmmakers, writers, dancers and singers who are offering a ‘healing arts’ programme at the Brighton Health & Wellbeing Centre, a ground-breaking NHS surgery which provides integrated clinical and complementary primary care. Supported by the Arts Council, HERA offers writing workshops, dance sessions, films and choirs at the surgery, supporting the aim of the practice to provide an alternative model of healthcare and encourage patients to explore the stories of their illness and take responsibility for their own health.