Brighton Artist Open House
Who Are You?
Stephen Hawthorne Stephen Humphrey
Luc Raesmith
April – July 2016



Natasha Bidgood Wellbeing Gallery

Mapping the Body
Photographs by Natasha Bidgood
Feb – April 2016






Daniel Nicholls Wellbeing Gallery

Moving Image by Daniel Nicholls
with sound by Jeph Vanger
7th December 2015 – 7th February 2016



Joanne Kalel Wellbeing Gallery

Ojo de Dios
Magical Woven Objects
Joanne Kalel
2nd July – 6th December 2016








Being Creative is Good for You!
Jude Hart
Annika Malmqvist
Valerie Potter and Anthony Stevens
1st May – 1st July 2015







David Jones wellbeing gallery

Artist Open House
Joel Apps
John Clark
David Jones and Pete Smith
December 2014 – January 2015







Artist Open House
Natasha Bidgood
Mitsi Brown
Lisa Buttery
Jude Hart and Jesse Leroy Smith
1st May – 1st July 2014






Jesse Leroy Smith
2nd February – 22nd April 2014